Effective date: July 25, 2023

We highly value the privacy of our users, and as a testament to our commitment, we have developed this Privacy Policy. It governs the use of our Services and outlines the data collection process, storage procedures, potential uses of the data, sharing practices, and your choices regarding its utilization. We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully and completely to understand how we handle your information when you engage with our Services.


Please refer to our Terms of Use for the definitions of specific words (designated with capital letters) not explicitly defined within this Privacy Policy.


As the entity responsible for handling your personal data provided to, collected by, or processed in connection with our Services, we are the controller of such information.

    What data we collect

We collect data that you voluntarily provide to us in various situations on the Website, such as when you send us an email or interact with our Services. Additionally, we automatically collect certain data, like your IP address, when you use the Website.

  1. - Data you provide us:

You have the option to provide us with data in different ways. For instance, we collect and store data that you provide when registering your user profile ("Profile") or when responding to our emails or reporting issues with the Service. The data you give us includes:

  1. 1. Profile data: This comprises your name, date of birth, and email address. You may choose to furnish additional data on your Profile to maximize your experience with our Service. This may encompass your dating preferences, interests, activities, gender, age, religion, address, photographs, personal characteristics, and demographic data, such as height, weight, body type, marital status, habits, educational background, and hometown.
  2. 2. Since you have control over your Profile, you can access your "Profile" page anytime to correct or update your data (except for name, date of birth, and email address). It is important to be cautious about adding personal data to your Profile that you do not wish to be publicly available. For security reasons, we advise against posting email addresses, instant messaging details, phone numbers, credit card details, national identity numbers, or driver's license details on your Profile, as they may be susceptible to misuse. Moreover, sharing sensitive details like religion, health information, sexual preferences, or ethnic background on your Profile should be done with care, as such information will be made public to other users.
  3. 3. Identity document data ("ID"): You may voluntarily provide us with your ID for Profile verification, or we may request it for security purposes or when legally obligated to do so.

  1. - Data Collected About You:

We gather data through various sources, and one of these sources is cookies, which record information about your interactions with our website. When it comes to your usage of our Services, we automatically collect the following data:

  1. 1. Navigation data: This includes information about how you navigate and engage with our Services. For instance, we may collect data about the types of content you view or interact with, as well as the frequency and duration of your activities.
  2. 2. Cookies and similar technologies: As explained in our Cookie Policy, we use cookies to differentiate you from other users. You have control over cookies through your browser settings.
  3. 3. Browser and Device data: We collect data from the computers, phones, or other devices you use to access our Service, based on the permissions you've granted. By associating the data collected from your different devices, we can provide consistent Services across your various devices. This data may include information about your Internet browser type, operating system, hardware version, device type and model, geolocation, IP address, connection data (such as ISP), language, and time zone. Additionally, we receive the URLs of the site you came from and the one you visit next.

  1. - Data about Payments:

We collect specific data related to your credit purchases, including the amount, date of credit purchase, and the payment method used.

  1. - Transaction Data:

When making payments through our Services, you are required to provide financial account data, such as your credit card number, to our third-party service providers. It's important to note that we do not collect or store full credit card number data. However, we may receive certain credit card-related information and transaction details, such as the date, time, and amount of the transaction, as well as the type of payment method used.


  1. - Advertising:

To manage our advertising on external sites, we collaborate with a third-party ad network. This ad network partner uses cookies to gather non-personal data about your online activities on this and other websites. The purpose of this data collection is to provide you with targeted advertising based on your interests. If you wish to learn more about online advertising and tracking or opt-out of behavioral advertising delivered by member companies, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative or Digital Advertising Alliance websites. Additionally, you can find further information about the cookies that may be served through our Service and how to control their usage in our Cookies Policy.

    Children’s Data

We are committed to not knowingly collecting any data from children, minors, or individuals under the age of 18. Our Services are not directed towards them, and we do not engage in marketing aimed at this age group. If you are under 18 years old, we kindly ask that you refrain from submitting any data to us.


In the event that we become aware that a child, minor, or anyone under the age of 18 has registered with us and provided personal data, we will take immediate steps to terminate their Profile and delete their personal information from our records. Protecting the privacy and safety of young individuals is of paramount importance to us.

    Purposes and Legal Basis for Data Collection and Processing

We and our service providers use personal data for the following purposes:

  1. 1. Providing the Services: We utilize your personal data to deliver the services you use or request. This includes authenticating and authorizing access to our services, as well as suggesting your profile to users conducting extensive searches by comparing search parameters with data provided in your profile.
  2. 2. Improving the Services: We analyze data about your usage and interaction with our service to enhance and optimize our offerings. This involves conducting surveys, research, testing features in development, evaluating service performance, and troubleshooting to improve service content and layouts.
  3. 3. Personalizing the Services: Your data may be used to personalize the service for you, such as selecting the appropriate payment processor, determining eligibility for promotions, sweepstakes, and contests, and displaying personalized advertisements if you have provided consent.
  4. 4. Processing Payments and Notifications: We process your payments and send notifications about your transactions.
  5. 5. Identity Verification: Your data may be used for identity verification purposes, including account verification and background checks on users.
  6. 6. Preventing and Detecting Fraud: We employ your data to prevent, detect, investigate, and resolve disputes related to malicious activities, fraud, cybercrimes, and fake accounts creation, as well as to fulfill legally-required actions.
  7. 7. Communication: We may contact you through email and other communication channels within our services, including push notifications, to provide important service-related information such as service availability, security updates, payment transactions, and legal notices. We may also send you statistical messages regarding your profile interactions, such as visits, likes, and messages received.
  8. 8. Advertising and Marketing: Your data may be used to show you advertisements on our service and send you commercial emails about service features, offers, promotions, contests, events, or information about third-party services that may be of interest to you. You have the option to opt-out of advertisements and commercial emails.
  9. 9. Customer Service and Support: We use your data to provide customer service and support, addressing any inquiries or issues you may have regarding our Services.

Please note that certain types of communication, such as service messages, are necessary and cannot be opted out, as they pertain to crucial service-related information. However, for other types of communication, you have the choice to opt-out.


In the event that we intend to utilize your personal data for a new or different purpose, we will provide you with prior notification. Such usage of your personal data for other purposes will only occur if it is necessary or permitted by applicable law or with your explicit consent. Your privacy and data protection are of utmost importance to us, and we will always ensure transparency and compliance with relevant regulations before using your personal data for any new or additional purposes.


The legal basis for collecting and using your personal data will vary depending on the specific data and the circumstances in which we collect it. However, we typically collect your personal data only under the following circumstances:

  1. (a) With your Consent: We will collect personal data from you if we have obtained your explicit consent to do so.
  2. (b) For Contractual Obligations: We may collect and use your personal data when it is necessary to fulfill a contract with you. For instance, this may apply when delivering the Services that you have requested.
  3. (c) Legitimate Interests: In certain cases, we or a third party may have legitimate interests in processing your personal data, provided that your data protection interests and fundamental rights and freedoms are not overridden.

In all cases, we strive to ensure that your privacy and data protection are prioritized, and we abide by applicable data protection laws and regulations when collecting and using your personal data.

    Sharing of Gathered Data

We prioritize the protection of your personal data and only share it with third parties in specific circumstances:

  1. 1. Legal Obligations: We may share your personal data with third parties if we have a legal obligation to do so.
  2. 2. Contractual Performance: Your data may be shared with third-party service providers and partner companies when necessary to fulfill our contract with you, or with your explicit consent. We ensure that the extent of data shared is minimized in such cases, and our service providers comply with all applicable data protection laws.
  3. 3. With Your Consent: We will share personal data with other companies, organizations, or individuals if we have your consent to do so.
  4. 4. Visibility to Other Users: Any data you include in your Profile and any actions you take on our Service may be visible to other users. For example, when you update or add a photo, like, add to favorites, or visit another user's profile, that information may be seen by the respective user.
  5. 5. Service Providers: We may share your personal data with third parties that provide specific services on our behalf. These services include hosting, website maintenance, application development, marketing assistance, data analysis, and more. These service providers process your data based on our instructions and in compliance with our Privacy Policy and confidentiality measures.
  6. 6. Legal Compliance and Protection: We may disclose your data, including personal data, in response to legal demands, investigations, court orders, law enforcement requests, or to establish, exercise, or defend legal rights. Additionally, we may disclose data to investigate and prevent illegal activities, suspected fraud, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of our company, users, employees, or others.
  7. 7. Corporate Transactions: In the event of a substantial corporate transaction, such as a business sale, merger, consolidation, or bankruptcy, your data may be shared as part of the transaction.

Rest assured, we take appropriate measures to safeguard your personal data and adhere to relevant privacy laws and regulations throughout these processes.

    International Data Transfers

We operate as a global business, which means that we may transfer your personal data to countries outside the one where you reside. These countries may not have the same data protection laws as the country where you initially provided the data. To ensure the security of your data, we employ safeguards when transferring Personal Data from the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) to countries that are not deemed to have adequate data protection laws under applicable regulations.


In the course of providing our Service, we are required to transfer your personal data to the United States and Ukraine. Both countries are not considered to provide an adequate level of protection under EU data protection law, which means their data protection laws may differ from those in your country.


To ensure the lawful transfer of data from the EU, we utilize European Commission-approved Standard Contractual Clauses. These clauses are contractual commitments between companies transferring personal data, which bind them to safeguard the privacy and security of the data. We have accordingly adopted these Standard Contractual Clauses to facilitate the necessary data flows for providing, maintaining, and enhancing our Service in compliance with data protection laws.

    Retention of Gathered Data

We will retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is mandated or allowed by law.


It is important to understand that we have various obligations to retain the data you provide to us. These obligations include ensuring that transactions can be appropriately processed, settled, refunded, or charged-back, as well as identifying and preventing fraud. Moreover, we are required to comply with anti-money laundering and other laws and regulations that are applicable to us and our financial service providers. As a result, even if you close your profile, we will retain certain data to fulfill our legal obligations.

    Your Privacy Rights

As a Data Subject, you have several rights concerning your personal information. These rights include:

  1. - The right to know whether we hold personal information about you and the reasons for holding or using it.
  2. - The right to access your personal information and receive a copy of the data we hold about you to ensure lawful processing.
  3. - The right to request correction of any incomplete or inaccurate personal information we hold about you.
  4. - The right to request the erasure or removal of your personal information if there is no legitimate reason for us to continue processing it, or if you have objected to processing.
  5. - The right to object to processing based on legitimate interests, including direct marketing purposes.
  6. - The right to object to automated decision-making, including profiling, that could significantly impact you.
  7. - The right to request the restriction of processing your personal information, such as suspending processing to verify accuracy.
  8. - The right to receive your personal information in a structured, electronically usable format and transfer it to another party.
  9. - The right to withdraw consent for specific purposes of collecting, processing, and transferring your personal information at any time.
  10. - The right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority in your EU Member State or country of residence or work.

To exercise any of these rights, please contact us at support@liveespace.com. We will respond to your request within one month.

    Security Measures

We take the security of your personal data seriously and employ various security technologies and protocols to safeguard it from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. When your personal data is collected on our platform or transmitted to other websites, we utilize encryption methods like the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to enhance protection.


However, it's essential to recognize that despite our efforts to ensure data security, data transfers over the internet are inherently susceptible to security gaps. Therefore, we advise you not to share your login data with any third parties to avoid potential risks to the security of your personal information. By following this precaution, you can help protect your data and maintain a secure online experience.

    Links to the Third-party Websites

Please be aware that there are certain areas on our Services where you may encounter links leading to other websites that are not governed by this Privacy Policy. For instance, if you click on an advertisement displayed on our Services, you may be directed to a website that is beyond our control. These third-party websites may independently collect data, including personal data, from you and may also share information about your activities on their platforms with us in some cases.


We strongly advise you to review the privacy statements of all third-party websites you visit by clicking on the 'privacy' link, usually located at the bottom of the webpage you are visiting. Understanding the privacy practices of these third-party websites will help you make informed decisions about how your data is handled when you interact with them. Please note that we have no control over the data collection and usage practices of these external websites, and this Privacy Policy solely applies to data collected through our Services.


  1. - Advertising of other services on the Website:

We display advertising from third-party services based on the data you provide to us during your interactions with our Services. This includes data related to credit purchases on the Website and the duration of your Services usage. Our custom system allows us to understand when you view ads and which ones you click on. This enables us to show you more relevant and useful ads, avoiding repetitive displays of the same content.

  1. - Advertising of our Services on other websites:

We deliver tailored advertising outside of our Services using data related to your access and usage of the Website, as well as data received from third parties. To improve the effectiveness of our advertising, we may utilize cookies and other technologies to recognize when you visit our website or view our ads on other sites. We may share this data with one or more third-party advertising networks, such as Google AdWords, DoubleClick, or Google Analytics, each of which has its own privacy policy. The information we share does not reveal your identity and may include details like the date and time of your website visit, pages viewed, and links clicked.


We may target ads to you across various ad networks and exchanges, using data from advertising technologies both on and off our Services. This data may include unique cookies, tracking technology, pixels, device identifiers, geolocation, operating system information, and email data. The ads you receive on other websites are customized based on predictions about your interests derived from your use of our Service and visits to different websites. This customization is known as "online behavioral" or "interest-based" advertising.


Please note that we do not respond to Do Not Track browser signals, as there is currently no industry standard for recognizing them.


You have the power to make choices regarding the use and disclosure of your personal data. Here are some of the choices we offer:

  1. - Personalized Advertising: Advertising from third parties on the Website is tailored to your preferences based on your past use of the Services.
  2. - Opting Out of Marketing Emails: If you no longer wish to receive marketing-related emails from us about our Services or from third parties offering similar services, you have the option to opt out of receiving such electronic communications. Please note that even if you opt out of marketing emails, we may still send you important administrative messages that are necessary for providing you with our Services.
  3. - Opting Out of Personalized Ads: You can choose to opt out of receiving personalized ads from third-party advertisers and ad networks that are part of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance's self-regulatory principles for online behavioral advertising. You can do this by visiting the opt-out pages on the NAI website and DAA website.

We believe in empowering our users to have control over their data and advertising preferences. By exercising these choices, you can customize your experience and ensure that the content you see aligns with your interests and preferences.

    Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make modifications to this Privacy Policy as needed. If substantial changes are made, we will notify you through our Service or other means, giving you the opportunity to review the changes before they take effect. We suggest adding Us to your approved sender list in your email reader to ensure you receive such notifications.


If you do not agree with the changes to this Privacy Policy, you have the option to close your Profile. However, if you continue to use our Service after receiving notice of the changes, it indicates your consent to the updated Privacy Policy.

    How to Contact us

If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or the collection, usage, or storage of your data, please feel free to contact us through any of the following means:


Mailing Address:

Advert Operations, Inc,

8 The Green, Suite B, the City of Dover Country, Kent Zip Code 19901, State of Delaware, USA.

Attention: Customer Support


Email: support@liveespace.com


We are committed to addressing your questions and resolving any issues promptly and responsibly. Your privacy and data protection are important to us, and we value your trust in our services. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you require any assistance or further information.

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